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Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is the process in which Globtech Translation team collaborates with the Graphic Design team that are using computers and software in creating visual documents containing texts and images, desktop publishing documents are printable documents that are also used for desktops and online viewing on computers and different smart devices.

When shall you need to request desktop publishing services from Globtech Plus?
If you have an already made design to any of your printable publications such as booklets, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, or any kind of publications, and you want to translate this publication into another language, in Globtech plus we can translate your publication and prepare a new copy for it in your design and make it ready for printing.
Globtech Plus is introducing to you a group of well-trained designers and content creators who are able to convert the ideas you might have in your brain into very attractive and unique desktop publishing documents like slideshows, PDFs, electronic books, brochures, flyers, webpages, manuals, catalogues and….etc.
With the help of Globtech you will be able to build for your business an attractive integrated identity of desktop publishing documents that will reflect the appropriate business image you want to show for your business, which will definitely help you in increasing the exposure of your trademark, services, and products.

Globtech Plus introduces to you a well-trained teams from graphic designers and content creators that are capable of providing you with the specific needed desktop publishing services and bringing it to you in PDF formats using Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, INDD, and IDML, etc.
With the help of Globtech plus team, you will be able to create an integrated professional identity that fits to your business, which will be used to raise the awareness with your service or product.
Our team who is always ready to answer you requests and inquiries shortly and efficiently, and with the different bundles below we guarantee competitive prices for our high quality services that guarantee the best content creation, content translation, and design to your desktop publications.

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